Help A Brother Out

So this NextDoor website just started up. I guess it’s a neighborhood site like Front Porch forum, but they’re trying to get as many people to join as possible and they’re offering an gift card for referrals.

Please don’t waste my time with, “Yeah right, how do you know” just click the link and follow the instructions, or don’t. What I can tell you is that they give you an option for how to verify your identity. YOU DO NOT NEED to give them your credit card number if you don’t want to. You can stick with using your e-mail address, they only give you that option among a few others, it’s not mandatory.

Follow the link and do me a huge solid favor. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Help A Brother Out

  1. straysandrejects

    I tried, but I kept getting a message that my address can’t be verified. This wasn’t exactly a shock though. My address doesn’t show up on google maps, people get sent to an empty field when they try to find me via GPS, and when I first moved here the post office insisted that my house didn’t exist!

    I did try though, sorry.


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