I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

Well, not quite “golden”, but it was pretty miraculous. I shouldn’t be so jovial this morning on a day with such nasty weather and a situation that is for all intents and purposes life threatening brewing over on Meadow Street in my lovely town of Salem, Massachusetts. However, I trust that the rescue services of Salem, including our own finest, will handle the situation spectacularly and I won’t allow it to cloud my feelings and hopes for the future.

Today was obviously the first day after a long and festive, yet difficult month, for me. I won’t go into a lot of detail because I don’t have the time or energy to edit and delete any negative comments from the peanut gallery. So why am I in a good mood now?

Because the Salem garage is finally open, which means easier access to the train platform at long last. On the same morning that I went to check it out, I discovered that someone had dropped a perfectly good train pass to North Station. I don’t mean that I saw someone drop it then quickly pocketed it, but rather I found it in really good condition, yet on the sidewalk of Winter Street.

That’s a seven dollar one way ticket. I went to the the Red Lion shop on Washington Street, where we go to buy train passes or load up our Charlie Cards, and ask the clerk if the ticket was legitimate. Because for all I knew, there could have been a mark that I couldn’t identify that would render it useless.

“No clippings, no markings, nothing,” the clerk said. “Yup, it’s good as far as I can tell.”

That was all I needed to hear. So now I have a train ticket that’s good for basically any station in the direction of Boston. Because I didn’t spend any money on it, I could use this ticket to get myself to Lynn on December 6th and not feel like I’ve wasted the money. Getting back will be a challenge, but I have a good month to work that out so hopefully the winds of change will continue to blow in my direction.


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