I Guess Three Days isn’t Bad

It’s not that I haven’t had things to write about. Tons of things have happened, I just realized that some of the stuff that came up was largely repetitive. As in not something I vaguely mentioned in one line of a post back in April, but something I literally wrote about in an entire post not more than a week or two ago. Then there’s the thing of etiquette. Sometimes the thing that inspired me to write is so specific that if someone read about it they would know what I was talking about and no matter how much obfuscation I used, would probably take umbrage and feel like I was mocking them.

One thing is for certain and that is that there is no way to stop someone from taking offense. When you are an opinionated person, people hate that because they’re too afraid to come right out and say what they’re actually thinking. (Or, they’re not thinking at all, which is often the case) So they compensate by attacking the people that do speak out. These were the kinds of people that sent innocent men and women to their deaths in the Witch Trials and they’re the kinds of people that still make life difficult for their friends and family to this day. But again, I can’t say it enough how I don’t wish to kowtow to these people and I know that seems hypocritical whenever I make a tongue-in-cheek statement in their direction. But it’s one thing to acknowledge their presence and another to allow them to dictate the standards by which I live my life and then choose to tell others about said life.

So here goes.

I have lost my previous job. But I’ve found another temporary job that should be mine within a week and pays well until the first week after January. It’s a holiday job, obviously, but there’s potential to make a good amount of money. However in the interests of caution I am also going to refer to every single company and job I work for as TheStore from here on out. So now if you’re going to troll me, you’ll have to do your research or you’re just going to wind up sounding stupid.

Recently I went to AANE to get help with filling out the forms for SSI. Unfortunately, the other snag I ran into is that I do not have a current therapist or physician who can attest to my difficulties. A signature from five years ago won’t convince Social Security no matter what I put on the application. So it’s possible that I’ll just have to do this all over again in a few months. That’s fine. It’s a minor setback and I’ve had those before.

So I had a bit of a meltdown the other day, mostly because I have not been able to get a hold of any of the people connected to my mental health history. The most notable instance is with the doctor who saw me when I was in the hospital last.

People, it is not in anyway helpful when you insist that the number you gave must work, even when I show you it is not the case. The doctor that saw me has an office in Boston and I did call that office directly. It’s affiliated with Mass General and the automated messaging system insists that his number does not work. Of course I pointed this out to the secretary several times but they insist that if there is a stick glued to a flagpole than it must be a tree.

The positive side of all this is that the psychiatric triage doctor at the hospital pointed out the fact that the doctor who saw me wasn’t close enough to my case to be of any use to SSI. He was just there on the day that I was admitted to the psych ward (A story that’s right around the corner, I promise) and he was there to evaluate me and send me on my way when it was clear I wouldn’t jump in front of a bus.

So I went to the emergency room, talked to the psych triage person on call and she set me up with an appointment with a therapist in Urgent Care. The progression from that is hopefully a referral to an actual psychiatrist, who is the one that I will need a signature from.


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