A Cart Jockey Confessing Over Coffee

This post was inspired by the new episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

First off, it was well worth the wait and the opening bit with Michael Richards was hilarious. I know there’s still some vitriol towards Michael Richards for something he said that I didn’t personally witness, so I’m not going to chomp at that bit. The important thing is that we are all human beings and we make mistakes that tend to piss people off. But if the only thing you can focus on is how offended you are then you are no better than the person who offended you. So forgive and forget and move on.

“But Nathanielle, you never forget, so why are you being so hypocritical?”

There’s a difference between mulling over something that happened to me specifically and mulling over something that happened to someone else, that I wasn’t even there to see. I don’t personally know Michael Richards, I never saw his stand up, but if someone I admire and have followed from my teenage years can forgive him than so can I.

Jerry Seinfeld is someone I have always had the greatest respect for. I watched the reruns of Seinfeld when I was in middle school and I saw a lot of his stand up on television and I think that was about the time I was really certain that I wanted to do some kind of performing arts. Whether it was acting or stand up comedy, which I didn’t start doing until just this previous year, I knew that I liked the idea of a person who built themselves up with nothing more than a pen and a note pad and the ideas in their heads to start with.

The other thing that I love about this guy is that he talks about things that you and I would talk about. His observations of day to day life and the world in general are really nothing you haven’t thought about yourself, but just didn’t necessarily have the words to express. He has the words on hand and he has made his career out of telling us these things.

“Have you ever noticed this?”

Yes I did. But I didn’t see it that way before and that’s what’s funny about it. And perhaps as a result of his influence, I have always tried to describe the world around me in a similar fashion. For example, I’m working on this joke about Bear Grylls’ new book, Extreme Food.

The book is about the things you can eat in an extreme survival situation. And the joke I’m working on is something along the lines of this:

“What if I need to use the pages of the book as a firelighter, to cook the mushrooms I just found, and I accidentally burn the page that says, ‘Warning: wild mushrooms are extremely poisonous when cooked?’”

The only comedian I have found who I would consider to be the UK equivalent of Seinfeld is Michael McIntyre and if I have one dying wish, if meeting Seinfeld himself isn’t possible, I would love to watch an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with these two. Make it happen Internet people!


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