My Pill Will Solve All

I did some yard work for a friend recently and was able to afford my potassium supplements after nearly a month without them. Believe me, the difference is tangible. Potassium doesn’t completely eliminate my anxiety, but it takes it down to a much more manageable level, allowing other depressing thoughts and chemical imbalances to have a chance to cripple me.

The thing is, I know potassium supplements don’t solve every problem. Yet I also know that the only real danger can be if I take more than the one tablet every morning. I have accidentally taken more than one in the past and it lead to general fogginess, as well as a frightening amount of dizziness. It should be noted that potassium is a key ingredient in lethal injections.

What does this cheery observation have to do with me, you ask? Well, he only mentioned it as it was a part of his job, but my therapist brought up the possibility of medication. He didn’t suggest I should take them, he only pointed out to me that the option was available and what conditions I would have to adhere too if I should ever have a break with my senses and decide “fuck it, bring on the pills”.

It’s no major secret that every known form of medicament out there has some kind of side effect. The lists of side effects, while sometimes disturbing and terrifying, are among the subjects that comedians have identified to be “over done”.  It’s only natural as some of these pills are made up of several ingredients, some of which are deadly in the wrong measures.

What bothers me is that the professionals that try to push these pills rarely know anything more than the pre-written warnings and instructions that they have rehearsed. When they say something like, “This will really help you,” they can never seem to elaborate on what specifically is wrong with you that they think the pill will be useful in helping you control. A person who doesn’t have a clear head on such matters could wind up destroying their lives completely by not doing their own research.


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