That Being Said…

That being said, I have some notes.

Like with any job, my main beef is always going to be with the coworkers. I think if I had to deal with them any longer than the initial hour when we have to show up at TheStore and the hour long van ride to get to the locations where we will be ringing, as well as the ride back to TheStore to turn in our kettles and equipment, I would probably commit one or two hell-worthy trespasses before long.

When you’re ringing bells, of course there’s some negativity that you have to deal with. For example, when kids ask what I’m doing and why, they’re usually genuinely curious and are often very moved by the idea of doing something nice for people who don’t have a warm place to sleep, or clothes, or food. When adults ask me those same questions, it’s usually to try and goad a reaction. For those people, I just politely insist that they call the number on the sign for more information. Yesterday, I politely, but firmly shut someone down who was about about to launch into an Obama rant over immigration.

Then there was another guy who admitted to me that he was panhandling for a “bus ride”. Which would have been more convincing if he was over by the bus stop as my location was at the other mall entrance, outside the Cheesecake factory.

But I only deal with those people for a few fleeting moments. There’s a Vietnam veteran who does bell ringing and is also allegedly a pastor. I say allegedly, because from conversations that he was having with other people in the van, I gather that he is more of the loud, annoying street preacher variety “pastor”, although whether or not he is actually ordained I couldn’t tell you.

He spent most of the van ride home ranting about Obama and how there’s no religion in schools and blah, blah, blah. And that would be fine, except the rest of the van had to chime in as well to the point where I very much wish that I had some way to drown them out without having to make a down payment on an Ipad.

It’s amazing because for seven or eight hours, depending on how long it takes to gather everyone up at the end of the day, I literally have no complaints about the actual work involved. I have a few notes, some things I would like to throw out there to all prospective donors, but I will save that for the next post.


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