Am I… Am I focusing on the positives for once? So this is what it feels like.

So the final total for my kettle at the Liberty Tree Mall was close to two hundred dollars. That was more than the daily totals from all of the previous ringers at that location, so however poorly I might feel about ringing at a particular place, I’m doing spectacularly.

Yesterday I was at Crosby’s in Salem. Aside from a couple of people who had to throw in their two cents (in the strictly metaphorical sense) the patrons surprised me again with their generosity and warmth. I can’t wait to see the numbers for this one.

I wanted to write a big thing about my experiences on Saturday, but honestly, this is one time that I think I can let certain things drop. People had the best of intentions, whatever the final result was and I don’t want to alienate people at this time, which is exactly what that post would have done.

But don’t be disappointed. I’m sure I’ll have other things to rant about and in a couple of months, the social criticism will be right back on.


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