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A Firefly Filk Song by Nathanielle Sean Crawford

 Almost five years ago, I worked at K-mart in the electronics department. You can have so much time to yourself back there that this is what I did during the downtime.

18 Mar 2010, 3:30 pm

This is a fan song I came up with when I was supposed to be working. It’s sung to the tune of the Beverly Hill Billies themesong. I had to add an extra verse but tell me what you think.

If you want to add to it feel free.

Let me tell you a story ’bout a man named Mal
Browncoat and veteran of Serenity Val’
Then one day he was tryin’ to feed is crew
And picked up two kids who were on the run too

Tams that is.
Fugitives, wanted criminals.

Well it turns out Mal has a bit of a soft spot
For the big brother doctor gave up everthin’ he’s got
He said, “I got a hunch I could use a guy like you”
So now River and Simon are apart of the crew

Doctor Simon Tam
Fixen up wounds,
River got some trauma in the past

Well the next thing you know, Mal’s Bound by the law
Runnin’ from Alliance really sticks into their craw
Mal and Zoe said, “Wash get us out of here!”
The say, “The outer planets is the place we want to be”
So they flew into the black on their home, Serenity

Firefly class, Crew of nine
Tryin’ to make a livin’
Tryin’ to get by.

Coffee Helps Move Crap

In many ways, the miserable end to my old laptop was a mixed blessing, because that loss allowed me to focus on the bare essentials. Like digging my clunky old desktop out of mothballs and remembering that I still have a functioning DVD player to catch up on all of the shows I’ve been missing.

The old laptop was getting slow, mainly because I couldn’t afford to update the antivirus software. But also because in the early days of ownership I had taken it out in search of Wifi connections and got caught in the rain a number of times. You can’t protect your laptop from rain, no matter how well you cover it, not with Lower 99% technology at any rate. Coffee was the final nail in the coffin, but symbolically, it made less sluggish and better able to take on the world by moving the thing that was obstructing me.

Naturally, the blog has suffered. Not just because of limited access to the Internet, but because I was working a seasonal job as a bell ringer and as soon as I told you what I was doing in that job, you probably already guessed where I worked. Those blog trolls are wily.

It’s not that negative things didn’t happen during my time there. Believe me, I have some ordinance and I will dispose of it properly as a kind of final hurrah to the year 2014. But the main reason I have avoided blogging about specific instances at work is that I am trying to rebuild my emotional/spiritual immune system.

The fact is that people are assholes wherever I work. Proctologists are aware of this. Sometimes talking about it does help, but then there are more assholes that like to play arm chair quarterback and sure, I can delete the ones who comment on my blog, but it doesn’t make them go away. I have to get comfortable with the fact that there is an enormous amount of people out there who seem to believe that I deserve to be treated like shit and they will make their opinions known. And if I can’t deal with a bunch of anonymous cowards, how can I deal with the ones who at least have the balls to say it to my face?

Again, that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to blog. It just means that December was a chance to sharpen my fangs.

An Open Mic on the Last Consecutively Numbered Date of the Year… Oooweeeoooh

It didn’t even occur to me that yesterday was 12/13/14, that’s how much I have going on in my life right now. Dates and years really don’t mean anything to me anymore as much as the stuff I’m doing on those days should matter. Still it cannot be understated the fact that it is also the day that a generous donor dropped a hundred dollar bill into my kettle, so it was a fairly balanced day.

Yesterday’s open mic was a lesson in comparison. What did I do yesterday that was different from last week, other than celebrating the anniversary of my birth? Last week confirmed for me that I am capable of writing comedy that connects with an audience that is 90% comedians, so how do I continue with that. So this week I will be taking a close look at both videos and feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and opinions that actually come from experience and not just the voices in your head.

There is one guy in the crowd that I may have written about before. I’m lousy with names, so I’ll call him Mark, because when you see a man and he’s laughing alone you might just take him for an easy Mark.

Mark was at one of my first open mikes and if you’ve followed my blog at all, or know me personally, you should at least know that I am as critical of myself as I am of others. Because the open mic was in Charlestown and it was my first real solo outing since graduating from Amy Tee’s comedy course. The Charlestown crowd is tough, to say the least, but I tested a bunch of new material, some of which I used in my birthday open mic and there was only one guy really laughing. Mark.

So genius that I am, I tried to do my first attempt at crowd working and since Mark was the only one laughing I said something that I thought was complimentary, but from his reaction, clearly was a misfire. I actually didn’t go back to that open mic for almost two months because I was so ashamed of burning the only guy in the room that was making my five minutes worthwhile.

Mark regularly performs at Fran’s and it’s kind of easy to dismiss him as being the sort to laugh at everything. But there clearly moments in my set when he did not laugh. So he obviously only laughs at what he finds funny and that is awesome. I still haven’t apologized to him for that night in February and it’s possible I’m the only one who remembers. Still, my Everest is confronting and confessing my early open mic sin.

Below is the link to the new open mike. Please keep in mind that no one was holding the camera this time, so I worked with what I had.

12/13/14 at Fran’s Place in Lynn.

The Birthday Comedy Show

I’m always weary of any open mic where the audience is a 90% open mic crowd. What do you think I mean by that? Basically, an open mic is full of people who are trying out their own stuff and seeing what works. So it’s not unusual to do your own set and feel let down by their reaction, but you have to remember that they’re hoping for the same positive reaction from you and possibly feeling the same “love” in the room when you don’t bust a gut.

December 6th was the open mic I was looking forward two for nearly two months. I wrote, re-wrote, rehearsed and planned for this day and was seriously hoping for a large crowd of customers. But I was pleasantly surprised when the six comedians and the two customers that did show up turned out to be a fun crowd to perform for. The laughs I got were few, but there were a couple of jokes that I genuinely killed, so I consider that a win.

Here is the full set on Youtube, if you’re interested. Fair warning ahead of time: This video contains some explicit humor.

Birthday Open Mic at Fran’s Place