On The Day That You Were Born…

Not enough emphasis can go towards thanking the Geek Squad of Best Buy fame for their speedy service. I don’t know what the overall culture of belief is towards the Geek Squad, but while I’ve never been terribly impressed with the service of Best Buy’s general retail employees, the men and women of the computer department and Geek Squads respectively have always been extremely helpful and far more personable.

That being said, I have some things coming up. The laptop is no longer my toy, but my tool which I will use entirely for practical purposes from here on out. Yes, that includes my blog in both written and video formats, but does not include Minecraft or games.

Also, it will be a long time before this laptop sees the outside world. I’m simply not going to make the same mistakes that led to the demise of my previous computers, which will open the ground for even newer and more devastating mistakes.

Tomorrow morning is my 32nd birthday and it will be the first time I take the stage and at an open mic event on my birthday. I know full well to expect as much disappointment as I can success, but it will not stop me from giving what may well be my best (or worst) performance.

Also, I am working on a “low bandwidth” supplemental collection of essays called The Coffee Blackout Supplemental with the aid of my big and clunky desktop computer/DVD player, which I pulled out of mothballs to pass the time I would have without my laptop. This little supplementary journal will be compiled and published in Kindle format.


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