The Birthday Comedy Show

I’m always weary of any open mic where the audience is a 90% open mic crowd. What do you think I mean by that? Basically, an open mic is full of people who are trying out their own stuff and seeing what works. So it’s not unusual to do your own set and feel let down by their reaction, but you have to remember that they’re hoping for the same positive reaction from you and possibly feeling the same “love” in the room when you don’t bust a gut.

December 6th was the open mic I was looking forward two for nearly two months. I wrote, re-wrote, rehearsed and planned for this day and was seriously hoping for a large crowd of customers. But I was pleasantly surprised when the six comedians and the two customers that did show up turned out to be a fun crowd to perform for. The laughs I got were few, but there were a couple of jokes that I genuinely killed, so I consider that a win.

Here is the full set on Youtube, if you’re interested. Fair warning ahead of time: This video contains some explicit humor.

Birthday Open Mic at Fran’s Place


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Comedy Show

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