Coffee Helps Move Crap

In many ways, the miserable end to my old laptop was a mixed blessing, because that loss allowed me to focus on the bare essentials. Like digging my clunky old desktop out of mothballs and remembering that I still have a functioning DVD player to catch up on all of the shows I’ve been missing.

The old laptop was getting slow, mainly because I couldn’t afford to update the antivirus software. But also because in the early days of ownership I had taken it out in search of Wifi connections and got caught in the rain a number of times. You can’t protect your laptop from rain, no matter how well you cover it, not with Lower 99% technology at any rate. Coffee was the final nail in the coffin, but symbolically, it made less sluggish and better able to take on the world by moving the thing that was obstructing me.

Naturally, the blog has suffered. Not just because of limited access to the Internet, but because I was working a seasonal job as a bell ringer and as soon as I told you what I was doing in that job, you probably already guessed where I worked. Those blog trolls are wily.

It’s not that negative things didn’t happen during my time there. Believe me, I have some ordinance and I will dispose of it properly as a kind of final hurrah to the year 2014. But the main reason I have avoided blogging about specific instances at work is that I am trying to rebuild my emotional/spiritual immune system.

The fact is that people are assholes wherever I work. Proctologists are aware of this. Sometimes talking about it does help, but then there are more assholes that like to play arm chair quarterback and sure, I can delete the ones who comment on my blog, but it doesn’t make them go away. I have to get comfortable with the fact that there is an enormous amount of people out there who seem to believe that I deserve to be treated like shit and they will make their opinions known. And if I can’t deal with a bunch of anonymous cowards, how can I deal with the ones who at least have the balls to say it to my face?

Again, that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to blog. It just means that December was a chance to sharpen my fangs.


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