Fifteen Things I’m Doing in 2015 inspired by Mollie

Resolutions are easy to break because you’re not accountable to anyone. It’s not a promissory note from a bank or a rental agreement, where there are real consequences for not resolving to maintain your payments.

So this year I have decided not to make a resolution for something I haven’t started doing yet, but rather to make resolutions that build on what I’ve already started doing in 2014.

1: Finish my current writing project.

2:Take more opportunities to perform on stage.

3: I will not allow minor negative experiences to destroy a good relationship. Similarly, I will not allow a single good experience to constantly cloud my judgment.

4: I will only be accountable to people who love and care about me.

5: I will have a job that is meaningful and not just one that pays bills.

6: I will strengthen my memory and be more confident when I give an answer.

7: I will learn to plan ahead better.

8: I will be more attentive to my friends and family.

9: I will not be bullied in the workplace any longer.

10: I will seize more opportunities to do things that expand my knowledge.

11: I will only go into shops to look around when I can afford to buy something.

12: I will save money.

13: I will continue to eat healthier.

14: I will own all of my burdens.

15: I will take better care of my body.


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