Happy Birthday Sherlock or, How Nathanielle Hacked The Cat

Today I spent some time shopping with my friend John. Every two or three steps, I would analyze complete strangers and try to deduct who they were and what they were doing. I won’t bore you with the details. I will, however, regale you with the tail of how I got my friend’s cat, Charlie, to eat.

Elise is with her sister for the week and I have been pressed into service as the cat sitter. The first two times I fed him, he wouldn’t eat. It was the Fancy Feast cat food and I fed him twice a day as Elise instructed, but I believe the cat was having some kind of adjustment change as he refused to eat.

At this time it’s important to note that there are two bowls, not counting the watering device that keeps Charlie hydrated. One bowl has dry food and the paper bowls are for the wet food.

I bought some turkey ends  the other day while I was at Market Basket and I got an idea. I asked Elise if feeding Charlie turkey would be alright and she said it was fine as long as I cut it up. Well, I brought a few pieces of turkey into Elise’s room and placed it in the bowl of dried cat food. Sure enough, Charlie went to down. Not only that, but I noticed that he seemed to have eaten some of the dry food.

So, Elise told me that there was some chicken in the refrigerator and I found it, shredded, in a Gladware container. I took only a few pieces of the chicken and I placed it to the side of the paper bowl that I put a new can of Fancy Feast in.

Success! Charlie ate the chicken and I guess he just ended up in his zone, because he polished off the Fancy Feast as well. So, that’s the story of how I entered my friend’s room and discovered a cat hack.


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