Hypergraphia, where are you?

Here’s a revolutionary concept. We need a medical device that allows us to turn on certain aspects of psychosis when it is convenient. Think about it. Wouldn’t you love the aspect of OCD that lets you keep your house clean? Or how about the part of ADD that lets you tune out the crap you don’t want to listen to?

Hypergraphia is an intense compulsion to write. It can be anything from coherent literary content to psychotic ramblings and schizophrenic theories. At times, I feel like my sudden bursts of creativity are more pathological. Although I feel passionate about what I am writing and I need to finish it, once I am done, or once a certain amount of time has past, I feel the drive die down and if something is only halfway finished I simply lose interest and move on.

I know people are going to climb down my throat, so let me be clear. I in no way wish to downplay the negative aspects of whatever condition someone may be forced to deal with every day. I just wish I had the ability to maintain that drive when I’m writing fiction.


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