The Hunger Games Dreams

In the past year, I realized that I am not alone in this particular phenomenon: Hunger Games Dreams.

For those of you who don’t know, The Hunger Games is a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins that bears a striking resemblance to another movie that was made around the year 2000. More specifically, Suzanne Collins clearly ripped off the home video I made of Christmas morning at my family’s house.

In The Hunger Games universe, children from 12 districts are chosen in a ceremonial fashion called The Reaping. One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 17 are brought to the Capitol, where they are put on display, decorated, and groomed to fight to the death in an arena. That about covers it and if it doesn’t, read the books and/or see the movies, because they’re awesome.

As soon as you read the words “Hunger Games Dreams”, you probably knew exactly what I was talking about. Or, you had a dream and it was the first thing that came to mind as you tried to describe it. The reason I know this is a big thing is because there is a hashtag group on Twitter that describes the bare bones of their dreams.

Like the dreams I’ve had, some people describe being one of the tributes. Usually, you are in the middle of an Arena, either fighting another tribute or simply surviving. Maybe you’re in the training phase, or perhaps you are at the Reaping. Feel free to describe your unique Hunger Games dreams in the comments section, or do a post on your own blog and link back to this post.

Below are a few common elements in the dreams I have personally had and what I feel they mean. I’m not going to describe any terms specific to the Hunger Games, as I just don’t have that much time in a day. Again, read the books and/or see the movies. Or read any one of a million fan fictions online and they will explain it better than I can.

The Arena:

The Arenas are very big and elaborate. Typically I dream of an urban environment. Once I dreamt I was in the middle of a Quarter Quell Arena that included a group of abandoned buildings. I was a District 6 Tribute and my younger brother, who had been voted in with me, had poisoned the tributes who were our allies. The dream ended in a subway tunnel when the brother was killed by Muttations.

Arenas represent the world, or more specifically, a world where you are expected to learn the terrain in a very short amount of time to ensure your survival. Maybe in school, or in a workplace situation, you’ve had to deal with a change in location where you’re not sure where everything is. Like the arenas in the HG universe, your entire situation could change at the drop of a hat according to the whims of a corporate employee, or a politician, or one of the voters on the talent show where you made it to the semifinals, whom you will never meet.


In a standard Hunger Games there are 24 tributes, except in the Quarter Quell when there can be any number of tributes of varying ages and dispositions according to the special rules of the Quell.

At the time of The Hunger Games, only 12 Districts are sending Tributes to the Capitol.

How you interact with the Tributes in your dream can be very telling. Are you defending yourself? Are you killing one of the Tributes? Do the successfully kill you? Are you allies, or are you forming alliances? Does any part of your dream take place during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia? Are you waiting for the countdown to rush the field and take a weapon? Which of the 12 Districts are you from? Are you a mentor, hoping the tributes you’ve been assigned to will win?

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was forming an Alliance with Marvel, played by Jack Quaid in the films. I knew he was District One, but couldn’t quite identify my own position. In another dream, I was a woman from District 11, possibly in a Quell, but I never made it to the actual Arena. Last night, I wasn’t going to give two other tributes a chance to kill me, so I killed them. Them, a tribute from District 12 was my ally, along with a tribute from 4 and 11 and the District 12 Tribute got a gift from a sponsor, which he readily shared with the rest of us.

Let’s put the obvious go to aside for a moment. The typical Tributes are usually kids. So there might be an inclination to judge a person who dreams about killing kids in an Arena. Well, then you have to pass judgment on all of the fan fiction writers and fan film creators who have made their own Hunger Games tales that also involve the death of Tributes in the exact same context. So, lets not focus on the superficial aspect of the dream.

How you interact with the Tributes in your dream could have something to do with your relationships in real life. For example, The Careers are tributes from Districts One, Two and Four. These are tributes that actually spend their lives training for the Games, even though it’s technically against the law. If you’re defending yourself or running from the Careers, you could be dealing with people at work, or at school, who you consider to be bullies or people that the rules don’t ever seem to apply to.

If you have Allies in the Arena, do you betray them at the first chance? Do you devote your time to keeping everyone alive? In real life, are you a nurturing person or are you a very singularly minded individual?

As I said, I could go on, but this post would be longer than the actual Trilogy and the scripts for the movies combined. So if you would like to share your individual Hunger Games dreams, you can type it in the comments sections and I will be happy to offer an analysis. Be as detailed as you like, but trolling won’t be tolerated.


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