I Asked the Experts About This One

I’ve said before how I don’t drive. I’ve been argued with on the validity of my decision to never learn how to drive. I have, numerous times, frustrated people with the idea that I have a mind of my own and they are not Professor Xavior, Obi-Wan, or any of the famous Psychic Magic People who can change my mind by simply insisting that they can.

So I knew that when I wrote this post, the knee jerk reactions of some would be to point out that I don’t drive, so what do I know? Just like I can’t possibly have an opinion about X because I am Y and not X and Y is barred from having opinions about X like the rules of an early RPG that forbid a Mage from handling a Thief’s weapon.

Look, the point is, people drive like idiots. There’s always someone out there who thinks that the law averages does not apply to them, or that whatever they have going on is more important than any one in any of the other cars they pass on the highway and this can lead to accidents.

I’ve asked the experts for their opinion. By experts, I mean the people who respond to car crashes nearly every day of their careers. I refer specifically to the emergency medical technicians, first responders, fire fighters and other rescue personnel who have dealt with these things.

In the opinion of most of the professionals I have spoken to, the driver is at fault for the accident %99 of the time. That 1%? The other driver’s fault. Check out the Facebook group Rescue Humor for more stress relieving humor related to the rescue field.

What brings about this sudden interest in auto safety? The fact that I live in New England, the epicenter of Winter in America and the statistics still remain the same. People driving like a bat out of hell during slippery conditions and acting surprised when their instrument of death doesn’t work like it does in the movies or the video games. And these aren’t just kids who barely got their license, but allegedly experienced drivers who seem to think that nature is on their side if they’ve lived this long.

I come off as someone who hates people. Or, people seem to think that I come off as someone who hates people, when really what I hate is blatant stupidity. Sure, road conditions can be nasty. There are always unforeseeable circumstances that could, in theory, lead to a dangerous accident that may or may not be your fault. But growing up, I seem to recall that there was always some piece of literature or some item that a teacher brought up during class, that seemed to indicate that for most of the things that can happen to you on the road during inclement weather there was a long established protocol to keep you alive. Hell, in Maine, while I was in Job Corps, the teachers had a few basic tips for what to do if you were unable to avoid hitting a moose dead on. Maybe it wasn’t always possible to implement those strategies, but being alert and not driving like you’re planning to be in the year 1885 at the end of your trip couldn’t hurt your chances either.

I just keep thinking of how many times someone told me this wild story about how the police pulled them over for some violation and the police were totally in the wrong. Then I see that same person driving and I think, “No, I’m on the side of the police officer here. Assuming the bit about the broomstick was an exaggeration.

The bottom line is, maybe I don’t drive, but that doesn’t mean that people who do drive are automatically right. In my humble observations, the majority of accidents are caused by people who are driving in winter conditions like it’s spring and they shouldn’t even be driving like that in springtime.


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