At Last, A Survival Games Server I Desire

I finally broke down and downloaded Minecraft to my new laptop. For the record, I was not required to purchase a new account, which when you think about it is incredibly generous of the men and women of Mojang, to only ever require you to pay one set fee in order to play Minecraft as often as you like.

Once again, there are terms you’re going to be unfamiliar with that I will not go into any length describing. If you clicked on this post and you’re familiar with the topic, I won’t need to explain anything to you and if you are confused and want to learn more, I suggest turning to the Minecraft Wiki or any of the forums that are available.

Lately, I’ve been revisiting one of my favorite aspects of the online Minecraft community, which is not having any kind of conversation with any other players ever. My second Minecraft passion is the Skywars mini-game found most servers. I wrote a post about the best Skywars Servers here.

In that post, I talked about how I really don’t like The Survival Games, which is a Minecraft Minigame based on the Hunger Games. Essentially, you and 24 other players try to kill one another until you’re the last one standing. What’s frustrating about a lot of the servers is that you can only survive on the food and weapons in the chests. You can’t manipulate your environment and if you’re not one of the ones who is fast enough to get a weapon at the spawn, you’re pretty much screwed. It can get very one sided very quickly and it’s the reason why I genuinely prefer skywars, as the nature of the Skywars arenas even the playing field for all players.

There are many variants of this mini-game, but the one I have actually come to enjoy is Desiredcraf’s own take on Hunger Games.

In this version, you don’t have to be dependent on the Cornucopia to find items. You can leave the Spawn area as soon as the countdown ends and find dozens of chests and items all over the Arena. What’s also unique about this particular variation is that Desiredcraft’s Survival Games server levels the playing field for a lot of players by including zombies, sheep and other mobs that can either kill you or aid you in the game. You can mine for resources and build your own weapons and outlast an opponent who was fortunate enough to, say, trip and fall on an entire suit of iron armor.

Towards the end of each round, the border of the Arena closes in on you, forcing you back to the center of the Spawn. This can also be an advantage, as you sometimes only have to wait out an opponent who is trapped in mine or otherwise unable to move very fast.

If you want to find out more, here’s the Desired Craft IP address:

May the Odds be ever in your favor.


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