Warm Spiced Wine and other fun Experiences

Obviously, there have been some changes in my life recently. But the biggest one for me, so far, has to be that I will be moving tomorrow. I don’t wish to go into all of the details, but suffice it to say, my landlady and I have had it with each other and this is the best for all parties involved.

John is a man I have been seeing for a while. He’s a local Salem author and we have quite a few things in common. Essentially, he’s been a lighthouse for me in stormy seas. Poetic notions aside, he has also been introducing me to his circle of friends and it’s a considerable circle.

Yesterday I went to a party at the house of his friends George and Peter. Their house is an original 17th century farm house, with some variations and additions that have been made between the original build and its current status. Peter was gracious enough to give everyone a tour and walking through the house was like being in a genuine time traveler’s home, with the first addition books, antique music box, and modern oven and kitchen appliances.

I was glad I had left my camera home, because I secretly think it would have been rude to take pictures of everything.

The food was amazing. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed hot spiced wine, to the point where I had to remind myself that I was drinking an alcoholic beverage and to actually eat something before I make a fool of myself. Home made porkpies, quiche, spinach pancakes, and things I could never imagine making myself but definitely enjoyed eating.

It was a strange feeling, being the youngest person in the crowd, but still feeling very much apart of this new social circle that I am slowly absorbing into.


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