Another Go Fund Me Campaign

Three Non-Credit College Courses

One of the hardest aspects of education is being pigeon holed in a certain line of study that the experts allegedly believe is the best course of action for every single student who walks through their doors. This Edwardian approach to education is a part of what makes people shy away from going to and staying in college and until recently, there weren’t that many options for people like me, who do not wish to have to suffer through the inconvenience of being forced to take classes we don’t want to take.

North Shore Community College  (NSCC) offers a wide selection of noncredit courses in many unique and exciting areas. For example, in 2013 I took Amy Tee’s course on stand-up comedy. You would be surprised how often the skills required for stand-up are essential in day to day activities, such as public speaking, customer service, and just waiting at a bus stop late at night while timid college students send you nervous glances.

The goal of this campaign is to raise money for three more courses offered by NSCC that I feel would be essential to giving me certain skills and opportunities that can also be put to use in both professional and casual settings.

Below are course descriptions (paraphrased) along with the dates and times I plan to sign up for, as well as a brief description of what I hope to gain from each class. The name of each course and course code is written exactly as it appears in the NSCC catalogue/website so you can follow the link provided for clarification purposes.

CSW103 Creative Writing – $179

May 21 through July 9

6pm to 8pm

A creative writing class will give me the opportunity to sharpen and polish some of my promising ideas. While I consider myself a creative writer, it can be very difficult getting the necessary feedback to make my work presentable for publication. It is my hope that the supportive and constructive environment that a professionally taught college course can provide will lead me towards profitable publication opportunities.

This class will go perfectly with the next course.

CSA836 – How to Deliver a TED-Worthy Talk – $169

April 7 through April 28

6:30pm to 9:30pm

For those of you who are not familiar with TED talks, essentially these are lectures given by people from a broad range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. They are thoughtful, engaging, and they bring unique perspectives to a large audience of people.

You can find any TED talk on Youtube. My recommendation is to follow this link to listen to Daniel Sloss ’ TED talk about how stand-up comedy as a form of storytelling. See it and understand that I feel that I also have a point of view on many topics that I would like the opportunity to present to a wide range of people.



April 11

10am to 12pm

This is course is only one day, but it teaches students the basics of doing voice overs and how to go about finding the right opportunities in this particular field. Voice Over work is very lucrative and this could be a useful skill.

Once again, for the obvious reason of not wanting to be sued for plagiarism, I have given my own description of these classes and what I hope to gain from them. But if you go to the NSCC website and type in the course name and/or the code, you can learn the official description of each class if that is a deciding factor on whether you decide to assist me.

What else… oh, right. Why these three classes specifically?

One Hand Washes the Other

There are several common threads in TED talks, Creative Writing and the Voice Over classes respectively that may not be apparent right away. For example, to have a career in voice over work, I have to have a certain level of presentably and confidence, which the stand-up comedy course did provide to an extent. However, the TED talks course will teach me how to maintain that confidence and stamina over the course of twenty minutes. The building blocks for delivering a TED worthy talk are just as essential in convincing a director to give me a job describing a movie in a concise, confident, and sexy voice. Similarly, the subject I choose to address in the TED talks class could be developed in the creative writing class and perhaps the fresh perspectives of students from different classes could help strengthen my work in either course.

These are just a few basic ideas. You may agree, or disagree, but what I hope you will understand is that I do feel that all three courses will be beneficial.

Each course is held at the Cummings Center in Beverly, which is easy to get to by foot or by public transport.

How Can You Help?

The goal amount is $500. Because of the nature of GoFundMe, anything you donate is readily available to me and I offer you my complete assurance that the money raised will only go towards the courses and the additional expenses listed below.

407$ will go towards the tuition of the noncredit courses. As you can see by the times and dates I have provided, there is plenty of time to raise this money before the registry deadline. The milestone Goals are as follows:

59$ Voice Over
April 11

139$ How To Deliver a TED worthy talk
April 7

179$ Creative Writing
May 21st

The remaining 93 dollars will be used to cover the percentage GoFundMe will deduct for the campaign and the remaining total from that amount will be used towards bus fare as needed.

Respectfully Submitted by
Nathanielle Sean Crawford


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