Library Patrons On Their Phones, Warning: Strong Language.

If any of the presidential nominees for 2016 propose a new law that allows me to bludgeon to death any library patron that engages in any manner of cellphone conversation that does not promptly begin with, “Hang on, let me go outside so we can talk,” I will do everything my power to usher in the beginning of that candidate’s administration.

It’s probably my fault, braving the snowy conditions to use the computer without bringing a set of headphones to drown out the sounds of the mother fucker sitting at the computer behind me. But what bothers me more is that he is not exactly whispering either. So the mobile lump of flesh sitting behind the counter near the computers and clearly having no obvious hearing difficulty, evidenced by the fact that she is calling the evening shift staff of the library to let them know that they will not have to come in, is not doing her job by asking him to cease his conversation or take it to a more appropriate area.

Did I miss the town ordinance that says people can be inconsiderate assholes in the event of a snow emergency? Because if that’s the case, then 7/11 offers a great cup of coffee at an amazingly affordable price and their lids haven’t gotten any sturdier.


One thought on “Library Patrons On Their Phones, Warning: Strong Language.

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