Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! Translation: “Demon Out! Luck In!”

Happy Setsubun!

Setsubun is a Japanese holiday dating back to the eighth century. It’s celebrated every year on February 3, by taking a handful of roasted soy beans and chucking them at whatever poor schmuck drew the short straw and had to dress up as a demon, or an “Oni”. Apparently demons have a soy allergy.

In casual conversation, this is the part where I would temporarily revel in the admiration of whatever poor soul I have inflicted this bit of trivia upon, only to have to come clean and tell them that I only learned of this initially when I was killing time at a Border’s bookstore a few years back and reading an issue of Tenchi Muyo. All knowledge is learning, however, so kudos to me for remembering that much.

Here’s another holiday I remembered: Valentine’s Day. And if you’re itching to get that perfect gift for the Whovian on your list, why not get a head start now and watch my brother’s Valentine’s Day LangVid. In addition to learning the language of love, he will show you how to make a special valentine’s day card in Circular Gallifreyan.


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