The Mockingjay Is Rising… sort of

As far as comedy goes. Something happened yesterday that triggered a spark and John and I spent most of last night milking the event for all of the one liners and jokes. I never write down a full routine anymore, but rather I write and test the jokes with people as often as I can and work out the routine overtime. This way, I get used to the moments when I have to improvise or do crowd work, in the event that my work ever makes it to stage.

But I am trying to get myself back out there. I’m trying to think outside the box and approach things from new angles. From here on out, the answer is no to anyone who is actively trying to slow me down. And the people who are only passively getting in my way better not get any ideas either.

The final word is that you’re either on my side or in my way. Decide quickly.


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