On the Final Episode of Grantchester (Spoiler Warning)

Having just stolen a glance at the TVtropes entry for Grantchester, I have discovered that the series I have recently taken an interest in first aired in 2014 on ITV. That means the other half of the world is a year ahead of me, which is fine because we get the newest Anne Rice novel before them, so nyah.

Grantchester follows the life of World War Two veteran turned priest Sidney Chambers, who routinely assists Inspector Geordie with murder investigations in the titular shire. This is explained by the fact that witnesses are more apt to open up to a priest. Sidney is a progressive thinker for a 1950’s Anglican (Special thanks to Ivelinemarie @1ofSevenSisters  for correcting me on that one) priest and his assistance to Geordie is born out of love and compassion to the men and women of his congregation.

In the final episode, Geordie gets shot while he and Sydney are investigating the factory where a the potential victim of a murder suspect may be currently working. In the following scene at the hospital, Geordie’s wife is angry that there wasn’t a second inspector with Geordie, and she, along with the other police gathered at the hospital, chastise Sidney for meddling.

My only problem with their logic is this: Sidney was in another part of the building at Geordie’s request, reading notices on a bulletin board to search for names of possible suspects as well as other clues. Geordie only got shot because he stumbled onto the murder of the factory owner and the killer got a lucky shot off before he ran. Presumably, the imaginary second inspector/policeman who would have been there in the place of Sidney, would not have had the power to teleport and would presumably have been doing the same task of searching for evidence while Geordie divided and conquered.

Still, as Sidney defies police warnings to investigate the two murders and bring Geordie’s assailant to justice, it gave me an idea for another role reversal.

Suppose Sidney got blind drunk one Sunday and could not fulfill his vicarly duties. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Geordie were inexplicably forced to take confessions in the place of Sydney and as a result, a murder plot was dropped into his lap at the confession booth?

That may not happen of course, but I think the idea is golden.


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