Busy Week Ahead

My week is going to be filled with appointments with doctors, volunteering for directors, and cooking a pot luck dish for the denizens. That last bit was kind of weak, but I needed to end on a “D” to obey the rule of three.

Tomorrow I will be eschewing the alphabetical system that some social function has put in place, by bringing what I might consider to be an appetizer and others may consider to be a four course meal. Then I have to show up to get my volunteer t-shirt and passes for the Salem Film Festival for 2015 and the very next day I have an appointment with a psych to get an updated diagnosis that will impress the masses and hopefully open some doors.

So far, one or two films catch my eye, but I’m not sure what I have my heart set on. We’ll see soon enough, but in the meantime, I have one definite shift lined up. Essentially, all I’m doing is standing there and telling people where to go. It’s going to be fun. Oh, also, free food.


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