The Kick Off Party

Ahead of time, I should stipulate that I haven’t been posting specific dates on a lot of these posts. Because of the gaps in time between access to the Internet, I creatively use the time to polish and expand on any thoughts that I wish to share with my readers. If I write a long post about the volunteer meeting and tell you that it happened yesterday, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it literally happened the day before I posted it and I actually think it’s superfluous to clarify that anyway, because if you read this twenty years from now it’s not like you’re going to be that obsessed with narrowing the events down to the minute. And if you are that obsessed twenty years from now, be sure to save me a cup of lemon Jello when they call me in to your pre-release screening to provide testimony.

Yesterday was the Kick-Off party for the Salem Film Festival. It was held at the Hawthorne Hotel, which was an improvement over Derby Hall from last year. While I enjoyed that particular building for the history and the opportunity to be there, that functional hall had a bit of a draft. And after this winter, I’d be surprised if the idea of a warm reception room wasn’t a minor incentive in this year’s choice of venues.SAM_0160

For my part, I will say that this was one of my prouder moments. Not there more than five minutes and I met the one other science fiction fan in Salem. She was a good deal older than me and having survived a rare form of sclerosis, she was quite proud of that fact. We had a lively conversation about Doctor Who, Star Trek and JJ Abrams and we soon discovered that we had one other thing in common.

Every time she has visited Salem in the past, there has been a major snow storm. Similarly, every time my mother and I visited Salem in the years before I officially moved here, it rained. It even rained on the day I visited one year before moving here and of course it rained on the actual day I moved here. Call that a coincidence because I sure don’t. My new acquaintance officially moved to Salem so she could be closer to the Lahey Clinic and she made the transition into the party atmosphere smooth and easy.

Something about this year is different. No longer working for Generimart definitely relieves some of the pressure that was making enjoying my time as a volunteer for the film festival last year difficult. If you don’t understand why Generimart might have contributed to any anxiety during that time, then you haven’t reading my blog.

Please do so.


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