Mark It With a B

The one major difference about this year’s kickoff party was the utter lack of pastries. Whole Foods was the supplier for the snacks and the Hawthorne provided the coffee and tea, but alas there was not an éclair or a crepe to found.

After entertaining my friend, whom I will call Tanya after the sister of Fievel Mouskewitz of An American Tale, thus maintaining this entry as the last of the “Kickoff Party” trilogy, asked me if there would be pastries. She had inquired about them earlier but to no avail.

Around that time I had seen the owner of Coffee Time Bakeshop, which was where the pastries came from last year. But whether the numbers didn’t add up to make a full order for the event or there just wasn’t enough room in the reception area, he had no pastries in tow.

“I don’t know,” I told Tanya in a conspiratorial whisper. “But if the owner of Coffee Time has shown his colors here and not brought any pastries, he’s in big trouble.”

Of course I was joking, but Tanya hadn’t seen the gentleman until I pointed him out, mingling with other guests while wearing his work outfit from the shop. For the record, no one was saying that he was obligated to provide sweets. At that moment, he was simply representing Coffee Time for the benefit of the tourists who might have stopped at the Kickoff Party. Also, Coffee Time is never anything but top notch every time I visit. So their pastries are just as sweet when I pay for them as when they are provided free of charge.

A few moments later, I was talking with someone and Tanya requested my attention.

“There he is.”

I turned around and there he was, coffee in hand and taking Tanya’s light hearted interrogation over the whereabouts of the pastries in good stride.

“Sorry, she was asking me about them and I threw you under the bus.” I apologized in a mock sheepish tone.

Joking aside, Coffee Time Bakeshop remains my favorite feature of Salem. Knowing they are such a major player with the Salem Chamber of Commerce also gives me a sense of pride in what has become my new hometown.

My shift to volunteer is on the 9th at the Cinema Salem. The movie John chose, Big People, Little Dreams, is scheduled to show on that night, so John will get to see me at my most authoritative. Mainly, sitting at a table and telling people what theater to go to.


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