A Blogging Blank

Lets hope something mildly negative happens to me soon so that I can write about it.

On the plus side, I have my Mass Health enrollment to deal with. I was supposed to choose a provider 20 days from the day the letter was issued, which would have been fair if I had received the package containing the letter the very next day. I did not receive it until yesterday. Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, which means as of Monday, I will have two days to sort out which coverage I need and who my primary health care provider will be.

Here’s why I feel a little cheated. I would have used the time constructively to find out which therapists in the North Shore area take what plans and that would have been my deciding factor as to what my final decision would be.

On Monday, the plan is to call someone at Mass Health and try to get an extension, since it was their clerical screw up that shaved so much time off my deadline.


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