Only One More Season of Downton Abbey to Go (Spoilers)

For the rest of us. I still have seasons three and four to fly through. But I wonder if the Downton ending on season six wasn’t in some small part due to the fact that Maggie Smith announced her plans to leave the series. Not that the other actors couldn’t carry the show, but Maggie Smith was probably to thank for a huge chunk of the American viewing audience in the first season.

Although there are many things I could say about what I’ve seen thus far, I do have to say that seeing season five first and then following that up with a binge watching of the first two seasons, definitely gave me some insights that I wanted to share.

Isabel Crawley is a one hundred and ten percent more interesting in the beginning. How do you go from being the woman that defies social convention to save a dying patient and presses Downton Abbey into service as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers, to being “Violet’s guest for luncheon?”

I know that the actor playing Matthew Crawley leaves the show and the character is “killed”, so with him gone, maybe the writers didn’t have much use for his mother. That brings me to some thoughts on Sybil Crawley, because I understand the actress also wanted out, which is why the character  also died off.

Robert’s cousin Rose is this young and free spirited woman who goes out of her way to help Russian refugees in season 5. She also dances with black jazz singers and eventually becomes engaged to the descendant of one of the Jewish families that had been exiled from Russia in the 19th century. Rose is for all intent’s and purposes the mover and the shaker that Sybil was shaping up to be, leaving me to wonder if Rose would have existed at all if Sybil were still in the picture.

That about covers my current thoughts on Downton. I have many more, but I wouldn’t be able to document them in the time allotted to me by the Salem Library’s Internet Computers. So blame Salem Library people. Blame them!


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