On The Fabled Day of April, 11

Remember the day I had a Sprite in the Mayor’s Office? 

It turns out I forgot to tell them about my change of address. So I never got the check I was issued and a couple of weeks ago, after visiting the Department of Public Works,I informed them of my new mailing address. The human resources department said they would make sure the check hadn’t already been cashed and re-issue a new one.

Today I stopped in to check up on the status of my payment. The lady at the desk, who works in the human resources office at the Annex on Washington Street was surprised when I told her I had not yet received the re-issued check.

After sitting in the office for about ten minutes, she informed me that the old check was canceled and that the new one wouldn’t be sent to me until April, 11.

It’s better than nothing, but I still can’t help but be grateful that other places of business don’t work the same way.

“Mr. Crawford, your appendix is showing signs of severe inflammation, so I’ve scheduled you for an appendectomy that won’t take place until about a month and a half from now.”


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