The Consolation Prize

I am a member of Boston Casting. Alas, even when my phone was still working and I was responding to the casting calls as available, I haven’t been called in since that first shoot in Beverly a short amount of time ago.

Today, filming began at the Hawthorne in Salem.

Katniss Everdeen is physically there right now, along with Robert Deniro and Bradley Cooper while I sit here in Danvers, typing this blog.

The reality is, even if I had been called into act as an extra, the actors I mentioned would be royalty by comparison. Because time is money, I would essentially be barred from talking to them, unless they came over and spoke to us first. And forget photography, because film crews tend to take things like that a little personally and the main job of an extra is to show up, shut up, and do as your told.

So what is the consolation prize, you ask? Well, I’m going to get a ton of search engine traffic with this blog post.



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