A Worn Out Welcome

Even if I wasn’t a Vermonter, I can’t believe that I would ever hate winter. I like it cold, wet and windy. I love snow in quantity and there is nothing more serene and tranquil in my mind than a nice steady dusting of snow on a nice winter’s morning.

Having said that, yesterday, the snow was not welcome. I need my cycles as much as anyone and could never live in an environment where it was snowing all the time. Winter has worn out its welcome and this last desperate attempt to cling to the ground was more annoying than tranquil.

Now, let’s move on to something that seriously bothered me yesterday.

John and I went to Danvers yesterday, where I made mention of the filming that is currently happening at the Hawthorne. On this note, I should clarify a point I made when I said that if I were an extra on the scene of the film, which I am told that Jennifer Lawerence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert Deniro are allegedly starring in, that these actors would be treated as royalty. This was not intended to be a statement of resentment or negativity, but simply an appropriate comparison. These actors would be there to do a job the same as the rest of us and interference with that job would be inappropriate and I hope that is how people read yesterday’s post. I also hope you realize that I am cashing on the search engine bait by mentioning Jennifer Lawrence in another post.

That was not the thing that annoyed me yesterday. What bothered me most was when I had to use the restroom in Danvers. John and I went to Bagel World, which is located near the Sylvan Learning Center on the Peabody/Danvers line, and because the little restaurant doesn’t have a public restroom, I decided to use the one at Petco.

I was desperate enough that I couldn’t be picky, but wow. I’ve seen port-a-potties that are cleaner than the men’s room at Petco. The urinal probably hadn’t been cleaned since the Regan Administration and the sink had enough grime that I could probably write “Wash Me” on it as a message to citizens of the 22nd century, who will no doubt be the people who finally get around to grabbing the bottle of disinfectant.

Employees and patrons of Petco, hear me out. You probably don’t think that a clean bathroom is necessary because you don’t associate the risk of cross contamination with the handling of animals. This is pretty sad because a lot of people consider pets to be members of their family. You handle their food and you handle the dishes and products which the food goes into. Customers and their children come into contact with these things. The risk for spreading pathogens associated with the use of a dirty restroom is just as real in a pet store as it would be in a store that sells food for human consumption.

It doesn’t take an exhaustive amount of time to really clean a bathroom. The chemicals are not that expensive. Not when you measure these against the amount of time and money you could lose if a health inspector were to shut you down.


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