Doe, a Deer, of the Feminine Persuasion


Some might say that I have a strong supernatural or spiritual slant. On the days when I find my belief in the overall state of the universe being challenged, this is one of those times when my guides step forward to show me they are there and that they are listening.

After stretching our legs, John and I went to the home of some friends that I haven’t seen since the party I wrote about here. The young lady, who is a reader of my blog and a fellow viewer of Downton Abbey, will appreciate the fact that I am referring to her as Mrs. Hughes in this entry. Similarly, the gentleman who was spending some time at her home and had also accompanied us on the pleasant Sunday afternoon will hopefully appreciate being referred to as Robert Frost.

We spent the day in town and had gone to lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant called Brown Sugar by the Sea. After a nice drive through Salisbury, the day ended with a visit to Maudslay State Park. Being me, I had to make a few references. Namely, references to Into the Woods as well as, “Just so we’re aware, if we come to two roads in the wood, I’m taking the one less travelled by.”

Mrs. Hughes was quick to respond with, “That will make all the difference.”

As we followed the trail, ahem, into the woods, I spotted the first and probably only thing that day that managed to shut my mouth. The young deer in the photos above stood not more than a few feet from me, not even caring about the lumbering human beings that were definitely making enough noise to be noticed. One woman even had a dog, that was well trained enough not to attack but had definitely noticed the deer.

Earlier that day, over lunch, I had said how the one thing I truly missed about Vermont was seeing wild deer. They were all over Bennington and I had yet to see one since moving to Salem. And here, by what some will call sheer coincidence, was just such an animal.

I took plenty of pictures, because when is this going to happen again?


One thought on “Doe, a Deer, of the Feminine Persuasion

  1. Mrs Hughes

    Yes, deer coincidence. And just as miraculous r the dears I spent these precious hours with. Perhaps in early winter, after a light snowfall we might stop in the woods in early evening when another dear deer sighting might occur. Love u both deeply. E ma ho


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