Socially Inept – A Script

Int. JOHN and NATE are walking up stairs.


 Sam and I used to be together, but now he just rents a room here. I’m a little nervous about introducing the two of you.


 What for?


He can get a bit jealous. This one time, I brought a guy home and when Sam knew we were going out, he started throwing things at him.


Well, don’t worry. Hey, your dog doesn’t usually like people and I get along with him, right?

Cut to. NATE is in the kitchen holding out a milk bone. The dog eats it and licks his hand afterwards.


 Good boy.

Cut back to the staircase where JOHN pauses, seeming more doubtful and then shrugs it off as we cut to next scene. JOHN and NATE are standing outside the door of Sam’s room. JOHN knocks and we see him and NATE from Sam’s point of view.


Hi there Sam, I’m JOHN’s new roommate.


(Off camera)


After an awkward silence, NATE pulls out a milk bone.


Here you go boy.

Cut to the bottom of the staircase. JOHN and NATE narrowly avoid being hit by a pan as they run down the stairs and down the hall.


That went well.


Has he been neutered yet?


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