Your 30 Cent Insurance Policy

How proud am I of Vermont? Well, when I found out that Calvin Coolidge passed an immigration law that was essentially targeting Italian immigrants, that was a huge blow to my delusional sense of state pride. But I’ll still proudly brag about the day I got to witness history when Howard Dean passed the Civil Unions law, thus rattling the cages of every homophobe from here to Deliverance.

Vermont has a fair share of gems and fool’s gold. But at the end of the day, I don’t care about your personal politics or your over all world view. I am a Vermonter first and a resident of Salem, Massachusetts second and if you boast the familiar Green Mountain State license plate and your meter has run out, I would gleefully break the law to add the couple of dimes I happened to find in my journey in order to keep you from getting a ticket for at least half an hour.

Just because I was born in the Green Mountain State, does not mean I am made of money. Please be conscientious of your time when visiting what I now consider to be my hometown.


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