A Cycle Of Offensive Comments


An older man steps outside on a nice morning. Next door, a woman is arranging trashcans.

 Old Man: Why hello there, can I give you a hand?

 The woman glares at him and reveals she has one arm.

 One Arm Bandit: How DARE you! Can’t you see why you’ve offended me!

 A blind man stops on the sidewalk.

 Blind: Excuse me, you heartless wench!

 In response to this, Lucifer appears in a puff of smoke.

 Lucifer: You jerk. I’ve never had a heart in my life. Don’t you think before you speak?

 A politician drives up to the curb and steps out of the car.

 Politician: Hey, I don’t know who you think you are, but clearly you’re an outdated old man.

 The old man just sighs and goes back into his house. He wonders why he even bothered speaking.


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