Open Mic in Marblehead

Yeah, it’s time for another one of my “little shows”. There’s a new open mic coming up and it’s for poetry, comedy, acting, etc. Although I won’t be doing what could be considered comedy such as what I have worked on in the previous year. This time, I decided to come right out and read one or two of the less antagonistic selections in my blog.

For the first show, I am going to read an edited version of Waiting To See The Doctor.

We’ll see how that goes and if it’s received well, I have a few other items I think I could slowly introduce to the crowds. Because my readership is slowly growing and I am starting to meet people who definitely read my blog, I want to do what I can to increase that readership.

That’s not to say I won’t keep churning out the little jokes. After all, they don’t call me the Joker because I look like Jack Nicholson. No… no, it’s not because I wear make up. It’s because I tell a lot of jokes.


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