My Faux TVtropes Entry: Finnick Odair: A Hunger Games Story – Fan film

TVtropes has been my drug of choice these last couple of weeks. Just click the link and you’ll soon find out why. Unfortunately, you have to possess a degree in particle physics to figure out their password security system and for that reason, I can’t seem to open up a viable account with which I might contribute in a more direct way than before.

The plan is that if I use my blog as a means of posting “faux” entries to the TVtropes universe, someone in the admin department of the website may be more forthcoming with assistance in helping me get a real account. If not, I’m sure I will rake in the views by doing these as often as I can.

I will be providing actual links that lead back to TVtropes as well as other sources.

My focus is going to be on the various fan films of my favorite fandoms that can be found on Youtube. Today’s entry focuses on Finnick Odair: A Hunger Games Story written, directed and edited by Joshua Chislett. Enjoy.

Also: Spoiler Alerts Galore.


Finnick Odair: A Hunger Games Story is a fan film set in the Hunger Games universe, directed, written and filmed by Joshua Chislett. Starring Caleb Angus, Rebecca McKinnon, Brandon McKnight, and Arya Thakrar. The film was shot on a 1200 dollar budget that was raised by donors through Indiegogo.

The film is approximately 20 minutes long and you can watch it for free at the director’s Youtube channel, was well as find out more information on the camera and software used for editing in the description page. A three part behind-the-scenes documentary can also be found on the same channel.

Click here for more information on The Hunger Games films and books.

Set during the 65th Annual Hunger Games, the film opens up with the death of a tribute at the hands of the Career Pack.  With one more tribute from to go before the Career Pack turns on each other, Finnick and Odella are in disagreement with Tiberius, the leader of the career pack, over the best strategy for hunting him down. Odella is reluctant to break away from the pack, but the decision is ultimately made for them when the Game Makers pour toxic rain on the arena, presumably to keep the audience from getting bored.

A favorite of the Capitol, Finnick is ambivalent towards the gifts he receives from his sponsors until Odella gives him a What the Hell, Hero speech, leading him to Take a Level in Bad Ass when he receives the signature trident to aid him in the final fight.

As can be expected with any film set within this universe, the final climax ends with the titular character claiming his place as the winner of the 65th Hunger Games. The director took a few creative liberties with the source material, which is understandable since the Hunger Games trilogy is told from Katniss’ point of view and we get the barest summary of Finnick’s games before he is introduced in Catching Fire.

Joshua Chislette also wrote, directed and edited Cirrus Quell – A Hunger Games Story. Word of God states that Finnick Odair is the last of the fan films he intends to produce.

This film contains examples of:

Aerith and Bob: Finnick, Tiberius and Odella. Tiberius and Odella may be rare, but both can be found in your favorite Baby Name Dictionary.

Absurdly High-Stakes Game: The Hunger Games, naturally.

Action Girl: Averted. Odella has the aforementioned What the Hell, Hero? speech, but since this is the story of how Finnick Odair became the man he was in Catching Fire, she is pretty much just window dressing. She might even qualify as Faux Action Girl.

Anti-Villain: Although he appears to be the Jerk Ass at first, the film does a great job of portraying Tiberius as just another player in the games who is trying to survive. He even tries to keep the Career Pack under his thumb diplomatically, by allowing everyone to voice their opinion and asking everyone to sleep on it. Contrast this with Cato and every other depiction of the District 2 tributes in fandom.

Arc Words: “May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.”

Beauty is Never Tarnished: In spite of being pretty soaked by the “toxic rain” (Finnick even receives medicine that is allegedly for chemical burns) only one surviving Tribute seems to suffer any noticeable skin damage. This could be explained by the short budget of the film not allowing too much wiggle room for make-up.

Bittersweet Ending: A surprisingly straightforward example in a Hunger Games fan film. After killing Tiberius, Finnick and Odella are the only two left. And there is no star-crossed lovers story to save them from the inevitable. The fact that they both apologize to each other is what almost moves this into tear-jerker territory.

Deadly Game: Do I stutter?

Death is the Only Option: Finnick and Odell are left with no choice in the end but to fight to the death. They exchange apologies.

Infant Immortality: Averted, with the exception of Finnick who has Script Immunity.

Oh, Crap: The District One tribute has this when Odella tells Finnick to kill him. The rest of the characters get this when the announcer tells them that they have to get to the Cornucopia or their trackers will be detonated.

Plot Armor: Finnick Odair is not only the titular character, but he is a major character in Catching Fire.

Race against the Clock: The final climax is this. The Announcer reminds the remaining tributes that they have a tracker that can be detonated if they don’t get back to the Cornucopia in three minutes.

Show, Don’t Tell: A standard Hunger Games story usually begins with the Reaping, The Preparation/Training, the Bloodbath and the Games. The director didn’t have the budget or resources to film all of that, so he begins it with the death of one tribute and the subsequent plan to hunt down the remaining Non-Career tribute.

 The Dragon: Tiberius.


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