Downton Abbey Season 7, Episode One: In The Family ~ PG-13

1940 ~ London

A small café outside King’s Crossing.

George: How long will you be in England?

Sybbie: I can’t say. My father said something about going to see family in the countryside.

George: What a coincidence. You came from America to meet family in England and, well, my grandmother is from America.

Sybbie: That truly is a remarkable coincidence

Lord Branson: (Off screen) Sybbie darling, we need to get to our train.

Sybbie: (frowns) I’m sad that this has to end.

George: I hope to see you again soon. (As Sybbie disappears into the crowd, George checks his watch) Oh dear, I have to catch my train too.

*Hours later, George and Sybbie run into each other in the dining car*

George: Well what a coincidence.

Sybbie: Truly, it must be fate. But I can’t help but feel as though I’ve met you before.

George: (coyly) Could it be that you were in my dreams all along.

*Sybbie blushes and giggles flirtatiously. They adjourn to George’s private cabinet and pull the curtains. Many hours later, Sybbie stumbles into the cabin where Lord Branson has been reading a paper*

Lord Branson: My word, Darling, where have you been?

Sybbie: I just… needed some exercise.

At the train station Sybbie is waiting with Lord Branson as their luggage is sorted.

George: Sybbie?

Lord Branson and Sybbie see him an exchange looks. Branson is confused and Sybbie somewhat embarrassed. Lady Mary approaches.

Mary: Tom! It’s so wonderful to see you again.

*Branson and Mary exchange hugs and kisses on the cheek. They turn to Sybbie and George who are standing beside one another and George throws his arms around his mother. They separate and Mary sees Sybbie for the first time.*

Mary: My word, Sybbie, how you’ve grown. I see you’ve already met your cousin, George.

*George and Sybbie stare, open mouthed at each other as the scene fades to black*


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