Does Your Flap Hang Low?

In my experience, the most observant people are the ones who are the least observant about the things they miss. I often wonder if it’s not so much a desire to be helpful as it is a need to keep a karmic bank account current when people feel the need to point out something that you would only miss if you were too stupid to be allowed out of your house without supervision.

When it’s not raining, John likes to use the floor mats of his car to avoid scuffing the material when climbing in and out of the car. As such, the floor mat vary obviously hangs out, visible to all who may see it.

Several times today, people pointed it out. Once, at Irving’s on Highland Avenue, while John was filling up the tank and I was wiping down the windshields, a man stopped on his way out of the gas station.

Carman: Your flap is hanging out.

Me: Your car is red, the sky is blue, rain is wet.

Carman: Hey, I was trying to be helpful.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought it was state the fucking obvious day.

Carman: (driving away) Asshole.

Me: Back at you.

To John’s everlasting credit, he was actually laughing at the exchange.


2 thoughts on “Does Your Flap Hang Low?

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