Tag Sale Flipping

Nope, this is not a Sunday Silliness post. Saturday was a lesson in communication. Without going into a lot of detail, I came across a situation where I assumed certain details automatically led to a conclusion and it was my failure to verify that conclusion by simply asking the other party in question what the plan was.

There are times when my brain can only go from point A to point B and even then it’s a miracle of God when I don’t walk headlong into a wall and continue doing so until I realize that the doorway is two paces to the right. Days when I wake up early fall under this category and for that, I can only be grateful when people are willing to forgive me for not being superhuman.

That problem aside, John and I had a table at this big community tag sale in Salem Commons. In our travels, we had found a box full of glass bottles and clay pots that someone had left outside in a free box after they failed to sell it at their tag sale.

John is an old hand at turning a small profit from found items. A lot of the money he made at the Todd Farms flea market was from planters and other decorative items that people only wanted to get rid of. I expressed an interest in trying to make some money in this manner and he gave me the bottles and clay pots to sell at the Salem tag sale.

I made enough money to purchase Steve Harper Pizik’s book on Elements of Writing a Paranormal Novel. But the point is that I made real money and now I am on the look out for other freebies that I can flip into a tiny sum.


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