A Blogging Blank (2)

Maybe the smart thing to do in this instance would be to write nothing. But if I have readers and I know I do, I don’t want them to think that I am bone dry.

Perhaps it’s a good sign. No news is bad news you haven’t heard about yet after all. On the coming Sunday, I will be at Todd Farms trying to make a teensy bit more money from the glass bottles I tried selling at the tag sale on Sunday. Between now and then, I am hoping to find some more stuff to flip, so that’s something I have to look forward too.

I’ve been trying to get John to write about the experience he had the last time we went to Todd Farms, which is in Rowley btw, but he does not hold grudges for as long as I do because he’s, what do they call it, uh, oh yeah: Well adjusted.


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