Maybe a C+ Isn’t That Impressive…

There was a disagreement yesterday over whether or not blogging was a productive used of my time as opposed to working on my writing projects that I intend for publication. Since both have an equal chance of making a dent in my financial future, both are equally superfluous and yet there was something else said in the heat of this argument: That I give up too soon. I find that statement particularly ironic since I have had this blog going for over a year.

The blog provides me with instant gratification. I can air my grievances to the world and appropriately deal with the people who negatively respond to me. Giving words to the problems that are hindering me allows me to name them for what they are and I do feel a genuine sense of relief when I’ve written about these things. People who respond to me negatively, (IE, blog trolls) are just using me to vent their own frustrations and they’ve given me empirical evidence that they don’t have my best interests at heart.

As for the people who respond in a positive manner, well obviously these are the people who will make the blog worth it when I finally do become published. I want to keep them aware that I exist because some of them were in my life from the beginning.

If someone doesn’t agree with the overall theme of Confessions, or that I should spend any time on it, that’s fine, I can’t change their opinion.  But likewise they don’t get to dictate my priorities. When someone claims that they care about what I do with my life, I hope they realize that caring means respecting the few accomplishments I have the nerve to be proud of instead of bashing them.


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