Basic Customer Service Fail

I’ve been going to this particular CVS for sometime. If they catch wind of this post, that may change, but hopefully they will take this as the constructive criticism that it is from a customer who has frequented their store countless times since moving to Salem, especially as the tourist season has begun to start up and they have plenty of options for where to spend their money as do the locals.

The CVS is located in the heart of Salem and back when I first started frequenting the place, you couldn’t see much of Essex Street  from inside the store because of the wall of tobacco products covering the window. When CVS made the incredibly progressive decision to stop selling tobacco products altogether, they renovated the front area and now you can see the Witch Museum. It’s a much friendlier and less congested looking area now that all of that natural light is pouring in and there’s no direct sunlight making it too hot or uncomfortable for anyone who has to stand there and ring for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, the window seems to have been the culprit in today’s tale of woe as I found not one, but four front end supervisors standing around their registers and watching what appeared to be two police officers questioning a gothed-up individual.

I assume the guy had done something untoward to draw attention to himself, as I remind readers that I live in a town where a Mormon school boy in Sunday clothes stands out like a sore thumb. But what fascinated me was that while I was purchasing a product, the dark haired “front end supervisor” who has stepped on my toes a number of times in the past, interrupted the transaction to gawk and stare through the window at the poor soul.

I’m not deluded enough to believe that my measly three or four dollar purchases actually pays anyone’s salary, the way other overly entitled customers might proclaim. But I think you definitely fail basic customer service 101 when you spend more time focusing on the guy who is NOT making a purchase at your own register.


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