Where My Mind Has Gone

People often criticize me for my problem solving skills, or lack thereof. But in the news the other day, a man found that someone was vandalizing his property by moving equipment and signs around in the middle of the night. The police suggested that he post “No Trespassing” signs. That’s a great idea, give the intruder more material to work with.

Then I saw an item about a landlord who suspected that someone was peeing in his kayak. So he posted a camera in his backyard and he had evidence that a former tenant was sneaking into his backyard late at night to urinate in the kayak. The landlord was depressed that he might not get to use his kayak again and all I could think was, why? You know it can handle a stream.

Finally, there was a front page item about a couple who just about lost their Shih Tzu. Yep, they were out for a walk in the park when someone drove up, got out of the car, and shamelessly took the Shih Tzu in broad daylight. Now the couple are on the hunt and they aren’t taking anyone else’s Shih Tzu.

I hope these pun filled commentaries on certain items in The Salem News have been a reasonable substitute for the entry that was supposed to go here today, had I been able to upload pictures like I intended.

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