The Garden of Circumspection

The first leg of the Maine trip was to Kennebunk. Not to be confused with Kennebunkport, which was further along and I was actually glad we weren’t going there because I had to pee really badly. If we went all the way to Kennebunkport I would have been forced to water the bushes, so I am glad that the two friends of John whom we were about to meet were in Kennebunk.

My relationship with John has been a study in stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m not a social creature by nature and any social skills I appear to have developed in my life are there in reserve for when I need them. Going to parties, meeting people I would not have otherwise sought out, and other fun encounters are anomalies in my life and whatever the outcome, each instance has had some long term benefit, even if that benefit is having to be on my toes at all times and ready to stand my ground.

Even my own family gatherings have had an element of stress to them, as I try hard not to step on toes. So it’s no small surprise that when John informed me that the people we would be meeting were Christian Scientists, I informed him that he would be doing the heavy lifting during these visits. I respect and appreciate anyone’s belief system, having some ideas of my own that many would dismiss or find unusual, but I don’t know how much further outside of my comfort zone I can step than when I am entering the home of someone who believes that appendicitis can be healed through prayer. The Boys and Girls Room 2Boys and Girls Room

So while the lovely lady of the house, whom I will refer to as Susan for the purposes of this post, gave us a tour of her home, I kept my mouth shut, my hands behind my back and let John do all of the talking while I did all of the listening and the following. The only comments I made were of specific items that they were talking about so that I wouldn’t appear rude or unappreciative.

Susan had an interesting collection of VHS tapes, which she was getting rid of in favor of her growing DVD collection. She even had a movie with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead, which I don’t recall the title of. It caught my eye because John and I had finished watching season two of Sherlock the night before.

Really, once we were outside and admiring the garden, I was much more comfortable sharing an observation or two. For example, in spite of the existence of Susan’s cat, this little guy Alvinseemed perfectly at home beneath the porch of the house.


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