Your Comfort Inn

I promised them a review. If I got any hits this week because they checked up on my blog for a review of their motel, which I didn’t post, then I owe them that much.

This is an especially special post, because by now my family will have gotten the hint that John isn’t just a guy I happen to know in Salem. He’s certainly not just a guy who would take me to meet his family two states away, so I definitely hope that when faces meet, my family can respect the fact that their eldest son, brother, cousin, and however else I might be related to them, can respect that this was something I realized long ago. John is just the first person that I have been in a serious relationship with and I don’t want to have to keep tip toeing around the bush.

If his family can accept him than mine can accept me. If mine can’t accept me, well, I’m in a different city and state now, so it won’t matter. But I’m happy for the most part and that should be enough for them.

So kudos to Comfort Inn for making us feel comfortable sharing the same bed.

The first thing to remember is that I love the cold. John loves it warm. If I were to sum up how different we were in this respect, it would sound something like this. At the motel, the industrial strength air conditioner was like sleeping on a cloud in heaven. When we went to bed, John was concerned about getting a head cold, which would ruin his day, so we compromised. I switched the air conditioner to fan mode and we both slept comfortably that night.

When we arrived at the motel, I had some trouble figuring out the little coffee machine. It was like some proto-Keurig with individual pod-like things for single cups of coffee and I had to call the front desk for instructions. I do believe it was the GM I spoke to at this particular location and he had already busted a gut at my particular style of humor, so I already knew he was a great guy and he was a huge help the entire time. I really need to start remembering people’s names, because all of the staff were amazing and I wish I could give a shout out to the ones who made the biggest impression on John and I.

When I first saw that continental breakfast the next morning, I began eating like a tribute to the Hunger Games minutes after the reaping. Eggs, sausage, waffles, fruit and cereal. It’s very possible that if I wind up having to choose a last meal, the Comfort Inn will be the ones cooking it. (Although I doubt that will make it into the advertising, but if future forensic investigators comb through this blog, I hope they’ll consider booking the post-conviction vacation at your lodgings on the basis of my recommendation)

A great experience over all and let this blogpost serve as my five star review.


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