Today, We Declare Our Independence!

Here is a holiday break-up. Don’t worry, John and I are still together, I meant that this is the first post this week that has nothing to do with Maine.

I am going to continue writing scripts for an original web series entitled How The Archaeologists Will Find Us, It’s about two men, a couple, who have just moved in together. One is socially inept and often at odds with the world, while the other grew up in a different time and has slightly outdated views of the world. Together they find that the arguments they have won’t matter in a million years when the archaeologists of the future find their remains in an eternal embrace.

Whether or not I am able to produce such shows is another matter entirely. But when I finish my novella, a murder mystery about a stage combat trainer who gets pulled into investigating the death of a former classmate’s husband, I am hoping to use that to raise some money.

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Thank You.


One thought on “Today, We Declare Our Independence!

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