A Cleansing Visit to Bath, Maine

Our trip to Maine concluded with a stop over in Bath, where John planned to visit a cousin that had laid roots at the Robert Plant Assisted Living facility. But since he didn’t want me to grow bored, I decided to take a walk back towards the town and he would pick me up after the visit was over.

The distance from the Plant home and the center of Bath was long, but there was much to keep my attention. Namely the existence of a huge ship yard and several ships being constructed in said yard. SAM_0553SAM_0560SAM_0559SAM_0555

It’s not nearly as impressive of course as the idea that people who live along this road get to see this every single day and I’m sure some of them probably consider it wallpaper after a while. But you got to take some local pride in the fact that your town ostensibly has an endless source of tax payer dollars. I mean as long as there is till an ocean to patrol, this ship yard appears to be as recession proof as the plumbing trade.

The photos can’t even do it justice, so I implore you to make a trip to Bath as soon as possible and don’t forget your towel. (you also may want to keep a respectful distance from the fences leading into this place as security might be justifiably concerned. There are plenty of areas to take a picture of this place from without seeming suspicious.)

John caught up with me about a half hour later and we went for a proper walk into the center of Bath. There we found a nice second hand shop where we proved the theory that we could find L.L. Bean merchandise for way cheaper than if we had bought it at the actual outlet store. When I told the owner of my attempt to bolster tourism for Brunswick she busted a gut and so if anyone can find me hilarious, they have to be okay. Among the items decorating her shelves was a parcel box from none other than Selfridges Department Store.

Later in day, we visited the Patten Free Library, or rather, I visited the restroom of the library while John sat outside. That should not be taken to mean that I only consider a library a place to empty my bladder, but as I did not have a library card for Patten, nor was my NOBLE card useful in the Maine location, there was very little else I could partake of inside the actual building. But outside, Patten’s campus is truly impressive.

There was a little pond with a statue that I spent some trying to get a great photo of. Oh and before you accuse me of being perverted, keep in mind that this statue is in full view of the public and therefore no more obscene than anyone who read this and actually had the one-track thoughts of which I accused them. SAM_0562

For the record, while the statue and the little red bridge were charming, it was the hundreds of tadpoles populating the pond that really held my fascination. Tadpoles in every stage of development swam in the little pond and as far I could tell, swam free from the fear of predators. Although I imagine a blue heron or some other predatory animal gets the jump on them now and again, I found a new respect for the Patten Free Library as a place where such animals can flourish. SAM_0566

In fairness, however, I would not have known of this ecological gemstone had I not been in dire need of the Bathroom.


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