Where I First Fell In Love With the Sea

People are often surprised when I tell them that my family did not have a car for the longest time. Because cars have always been a part of the functional family going back all the way to the beginning of civilization, didn’t you know that? Well if you didn’t then clearly you are some carless savage who lives at the far edge of the known world and it’s only a matter of time before one of the Wheeled Nations rolls into your village to either assimilate or destroy your primitive culture. Man, why does this diatribe sound so familiar?

Oh, well, the point is that when we left Maine, John and I made a couple of stops in New Hampshire. One of those stops was a spur of the moment decision made when I had to pee. For the record, no, I do not have a bladder issue, a part from the fact that a fully functioning bladder can be just as problematic if you don’t have an acceptable place to empty it. It just so happens that many of life’s biggest moments can occur as a result of the need to urinate and that is why many of my posts have been inspired by such.

Anyway, there we were in New Hampshire and it just so happened that I the closest restroom in that moment was on Hampton Beach. As I said before, my family did not have a car for the longest time, but when I was ten years old and the father of my four brothers had just gotten his driver’s license, we rented a car and every weekend and vacation that year, we took a tour of New England.

Keep in mind that before that, we did visit Boston and my heart belonged to Boston first. But the first ocean side beach that we ever visited was Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. I had been to it many times in my life since then, but that year of my childhood was the first time I truly fell in love with the sea. The feeling of the wind against my face on an overcast day, the sand beneath my feet and the crash of the waves, the realization of how tiny you are compared to this massive, blue thing, it’s probably about the time when I realized that I am not happy living too far from any body of water.


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