Four Fat Cows in the Library

Today was going to be the post about seeing the Peter Pan rehearsal, but something happened on my way into the library that made me want to postpone that post. So check back on Monday for that post and in the meantime, enjoy my good old fashioned misanthropy.

There was a group of four ladies who showed up at the library for a meeting of some sort. Of course they didn’t know where the meeting would take place, or which of the rooms had been reserved for them, they stopped in front of the library counter to consult one of the librarians. It seems like a wise course of action, accept that these four women were not members of the Weight Watchers Success Stories club and I needed to get by them.

Of course, I could have been polite and asked them to step aside, or I could have maneuvered through the stacks of books off to the side, but they could have also been aware that it wasn’t necessary for all four of them to occupy corner of space and time. Obviously, only one person was the leader of the rabble and she could have asked for the location of their little meeting while the others took a less obstructive position on the floor, but now. Their rudeness and lack of consideration for others begets my equally rude yet totally justified assessment of their girth.


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